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Our Selection of Escape Rooms

                           Tesla the Electric Messiah

Nikola Tesla died on January 7, 1943 at the Hotel New Yorker.

On January 8, 1943 the U.S. Government seized all of his documents except for his book of secrets known as the ‘Knjiga Tajni.” 

This was in the possession of Nikola Trbojevich, Tesla’s nephew.

After his uncle’s death, he formed a secret society called Tanja. This group became keepers of the book.

Every 9 years, the group searches for new keepers of the book. In order to be the keepers of the book, you will have to complete 15 tasks within 60 minutes to prove your worthiness as keepers of the “Knjiga Tajni.”

Trapped in the 80s


The only thing that Bert Nelson loved more than his two cats, was the 80s. He was obsessed and his biggest love of all was John Hughe's movies.


He spent days at a time in an 80’s time capsule to create an elaborate tribute to the man he idolized.

This escape room is a treasure hunt that puts you and your team to the test. Have you got an inner Sherlock Holmes to solve this spellbinding mystery?

Use your knowledge to discover what happened to the lost film from the man who told the story of a generation; the generation of the 80s.


          Unlock Sandusky

Memorial Day to Labor Day

To everyone who would like to experience Sandusky in a completely new way or by taking an adventurous ride through the city and getting to know the fun side of Sandusky's well-known streets while at the same time discovering something new on every corner: now it is possible to find it in the exciting city adventure game Unlock Sandusky.

We present a new and original concept of an outdoor game, which through a  story of Sandusky's 200 year past gamifies the city's old town, thus transforming the streets into an exciting space, full of secrets, hidden codes and puzzles. Everyday buildings and the city sights become the keys that lead to the final solution.


The captivating and engaging adventure Unlock Sandusky starts at The Hubbard House and follows a  story that is part of the city's lesser-known history. Equipped with a wooden book of riddles and their own practical and detective prowess, players set out along the paths of dectives in order to discover the secret and “unlock” Sandusky.


Players have 6 challenges to solve and for each solution is a new, even more challenging puzzle. Playing Unlock Sandusky doesn't require any prior knowledge, players typically set off in groups of 2 to 3. It's the ideal choice if you want to change the ordinary into the extraordinary, whether speaking about a birthday present for a friend, a family outing or even a romantic evening for a couple.


In order to “unlock” Sandusky it doesn't matter which language you speak or the age on your passport – in this game intended for all generations, tourists and local adventurers can enjoy one in the same. So unplug your monitors, close your laptops, log off your mobile phones and dive into playing in reality, in the outdoors, and help one of the oldest Sandusky stories find its well-deserved happy ending.