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Our Selection of Escape Rooms

  Tesla the Electric Messiah

Nikola Tesla died on January 7, 1943 at the Hotel New Yorker.

On January 8, 1943 the U.S. Government seized all of his documents except for his book of secrets known as the ‘Knjiga Tajni.” 

This was in the possession of Nikola Trbojevich, Tesla’s nephew.

After his uncle’s death, he formed a secret society called Tanja. This group became keepers of the book.

Every 9 years, the group searches for new keepers of the book. In order to be the keepers of the book, you will have to complete 15 tasks within 60 minutes to prove your worthiness as keepers of the “Knjiga Tajni.”

Trapped in the 80s


The only thing that Bert Nelson loved more than his two cats, was the 80s. He was obsessed and his biggest love of all was John Hughe's movies.


He spent days at a time in an 80’s time capsule to create an elaborate tribute to the man he idolized.

This escape room is a treasure hunt that puts you and your team to the test. Have you got an inner Sherlock Holmes to solve this spellbinding mystery?

Use your knowledge to discover what happened to the lost film from the man who told the story of a generation; the generation of the 80s.

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